Two new stories

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The leaves fall, Halloween decorations come out, and people read more scary books.

I have two stories ready for fall, one you can read now for free and one coming out in October.

My good friend Chris Weedin has written a series of horror-comedy books of which the third will be released at the Central City Comic Con later in October. He ran a successful Kickstarter to finish the third book titled PARTS. As part (ha ha) of the campaign, I wrote him a story. It’s called “Grandma Loved the Beach: A Las Calamas Story.” The story includes Chris’s convenience store clerk/hero Carson Dudley and my own Tom Royster, whose previous encounter with ghosts is in ASLEEP IN THE NIGHTMARE ROOM.

You can catch up with Chris and read my story here.

The other story I have coming for you is called “Tell No Man” and it will be int he premiere issue of Gallows Hill magazine. This inaugural issue also includes Richard Chizmar, editor and publisher of Cemetery Dance and recent bestseller of GWENDY’S BUTTON BOX with co-author Stephen King.

You can pre-order Gallows Hill now.

As always, CRY DOWN DARK and ASLEEP IN THE NIGHTMARE ROOM are available on Amazon in print and eBook or from Blysster Press for signed and personalized print copies.

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